Wild Blue Racing provides endurance coaching tailored to individual needs. Customized training schedules are geared to meet the specific needs of the athlete. Individual consults and skill sessions are also available. No two athletes are alike…no two work schedules, no two families, no two race goals. At Wild Blue Racing, we focus on the whole PERSON, creating a program for the individual needs of the whole athlete. And because life happens, there aren’t limits on revisions, or athlete-coach communication, for that matter. Over here, the coach-athlete relationship is just that—a relationship—a partnership to help you reach your goals! Please reach out here to see if we’re a good fit for you. Wishing you all the best in training and racing!


Cami Gage is the coach and owner at Wild Blue Racing. She has over 20 years of multisport racing experience of all triathlon distances from Sprint to Ironman, as well as road and trail running, mountain biking, and Xterra. She competed as a professional triathlete and served as an Air Force officer. Cami has coached a diverse group of athletes—all ages, experience levels, and with a variance of athletic goals—for over 15 years. She has been honored to work with wounded veteran athletes for ten years, finding adaptive solutions for a myriad of athletic endeavors. She will meet you exactly where you are to help you reach your goal. Cami has a passion for helping athletes overcome fear and obstacles to realize their athletic goals while making the journey rich with reward and fun along the way. 


  • Professional triathlete, 5 years
  • Kona Ironman World Championship finisher, 2004
  • 2004 Air Force Female Athlete of the Year
  • Member, All-Air Force Team, All-Military Team, top 3 finisher at Military Nationals
  • 3 time USAT Age Group World Qualifier
  • All-American age grouper
  • Division 2 NCAA cross-country and track runner
  • Qualifier, National Collegiate Track Cycling Championship


  • USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach
  • USA Cycling Level 3 Coach
  • BS US Air Force Academy
  • MA California State University


1. Monthly Coaching: Custom workouts for each discipline, provided monthly. Race day and general nutrition guidance, as well as strength training workouts. Tailored for athlete’s fitness, needs, goals, and holistic life schedule. Unlimited email and phone contact, and unlimited revisions when life happens. 3-month minimum, initiation fee required. 

2. Individual Training/Consultations: Phone consults available for those not receiving monthly coaching, as well as swim, bike and run analysis sessions, by phone or in person in Colorado Springs. Great for someone new to coaching who wishes to address current training or racing issues. 

3. Swim Analysis: Improve your current swim stroke, or if you are a beginner, learn the fundamentals! Schedule a one-hour session. Post-session analysis sheet provided. Colorado Springs only. 

4. Race Preparation Open Water Swim Sessions: 1 hour session to address nuances of open water swimming, to include sighting, bumping, mass starts, buoys, technique, breathing, transitions, and general comfort in an open water environment. Can accommodate groups up to three. Colorado Springs only. 

Don’t see what you need? Please reach out and we’ll talk! 



"I’d been struggling to work out and run effectively for a couple years. Cami is a supportive, knowledge, encouraging yet realistic trainer. Ya got to do the work to get the results!:) Her knowledge of nutrition, psychology of the run coupled with her Tailored- to-me communication access has been paramount to my ability to feel and be successful in my training."

Tamara, DC

"Cami has been my coach for over 4 years. She has helped me set specific goals going into every season and then built my training plan to achieve those goals. She is always willing and available to answer my questions and discuss what is working and what adjustments need to be made. She has coached me through competing in a variety of different events from my local sprint triathlon, 5k, or bike time trial to Olympic Distance Age Group Nationals.  She currently has me on a path to complete my first Ironman Triathlon, which has been a life goal of mine for over 35 years!"

Stu, MS

"I have been fortunate to have known Cami for years and to have her as my coach. On more than one occasion I have lost all motivation to continue.  Cami has always been a positive light and has shown me the good points of what I have done and what I can do to improve on my performance.  With her support and training guidance I have been able to continue to train/race even with several medical issues." 

Buzz, CO

"Cami is without a doubt my favorite coach for multi sport and triathlon. The constant communication she has with her athletes coupled with her dedication allows her athletes to achieve their goals no matter how big or small. 

I met Cami when I was in Colorado Springs. At the time I was following your basic cookie cutter training plan you can found online. 

Once I started working with Cami I found myself making huge gains in my training and races as she taught me how to train efficiently.  As a working father of 2, my time is limited and she keeps me focused on the right training for my abilities and my goals. 

In less than a year Cami helped me improve my Ironman swim time by 26 minutes.

After a year I moved back east and kept Cami as my coach. Cami was still able to communicate with me weekly and provide swim stroke analysis, bike power analysis and HR test analysis (run and bike) despite the distance. 

Not only do you get a personalized coach and training plan, you learn how to race and enjoy the sport even more. Leading up to races (especially big races) Cami takes the time to answer any questions and discusses a race day plan with me. Any questions I have whether it’s a new race or distance or different course, Cami helps answer. 

One of the most amazing things about Cami is herself as a person. You’ll never meet a more caring and passionate person who will be on your side. Cami is with me through all of the emotional highs and lows and keeps me positive and always moving forward. Cami is not only a coach, she is now family."

Ryan, PA


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You can reach me via phone at 917.771.4477